Knowledge Management

Working Group Information
  • Coordinator
    Fernando Romero Santillán - Mexico
  • Countries
    13 | Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru.
  • Group objective
    Share and transfer knowledge through innovative options to strengthen the technical capacities of producers and professionals in the agricultural sector, in order to support resilience building and address the impacts and challenges of climate change in the agricultural sector in PLACA countries.
  • Thematic priorities
    (1) Extension strategies and transfer of technology and knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation for producers in the agricultural sector; (2) Strategies and planning for dealing with climate change in the agricultural sector; (3) Impact of climate change on agriculture in LAC countries (mitigation and adaptation); (4)Information and dissemination systems for technicians and producers; (5)Promotion and transfer of technology and good practices to address climate change; (6)Transmission of information in a comprehensible form to producers; (7)Concrete regional and subregional actions to strengthen joint climate action.
  • Dgroups access (members only)

Rural extension and climate change. Asynchronous course. Registration begins on April 2024.

Document prepared by the working group with the annual planning of activities.

Grupo de Trabajo Temático en Gestión de Conocimientos

It is a network made up of more than 40 professionals from the ministries of agriculture of the region, who work actively and collaboratively to contribute to the development of Adaptation and Mitigation actions.

Thematic Sessions 2023