Public Policies through Strategic Collaboration

Working Group Information
  • Coordinator
    Angelina Espinoza - Chile
  • Countries
    15 | Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Perú and Uruguay
  • Group objective
    Articulate knowledge and opportunities to strengthen the development and public policy strategies for climate change and agriculture, in order to support resilience and challenges in the agricultural sector of PLACA member countries.
  • Thematic priorities
    (1) Analysis of gaps and opportunities for sectoral climate change policies; (2) Incorporation of climate risk and financial analysis in public policies; (3) Policy Observatory: definition of regional indicators to support monitoring and reporting on national climate change policies in the agricultural sector; (4) Articulation of a pilot Community of Practice to support institutional management, policy development and sectoral strategies among LAC countries adhering to PLACA; (5) Linkage between social inclusion (gender and youth) and indigenous communities with climate action.
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Training Course

La próxima versión del curso «Agricultura en las negociaciones internacionales de cambio climático» se llevará a cabo en el second semester of 2024.

Document prepared by the working group with the annual planning of activities.

Thematic Working Group on Public Policy

It is a network made up of more than 50 professionals from the ministries of agriculture of the region, who work actively and collaboratively to contribute to the development of Adaptation and Mitigation actions.

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